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FH Mini 43 – FlopTails Part 1, with Zhubin Parang

playing game. Listeners may already be familiar with the Hogsbottom Three from our appearance on The Adventure Zone, or from bonus episodes only available on the Maximum Fun member feed. (If you want to listen to the latter, consider becoming a MaxFun member!) This adventure is kind of like those, except what if our characters were cartoon dogs?

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Episode #104 – Atlas Shrugged

Since the last time we had Zhubin on we watched the thrillingly goofy Trespass, we needed to make it up to absent Stuart by watching the boringly boring Atlas Shrugged: Part I. Meanwhile Elliott turns his co-hosts into cutters, Dan does a dead-on impression of Atlas, and Zhubin is positively Al Madrigalian in his angling […]

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Episode #95 – Trespass

Suppose they gave a Nicholas Cage-Nicole Kidman movie, and nobody came? The answer: Joel Schumacher’s Trespass.  Meanwhile Elliott reveals the other podcasts in our podcasting empire, Zhubin steals the love of our fans, and Dan lashes out about his verbal shortcomings. 0:00 – 0:33 – Introduction and theme. 0:34 – 6:41 – We introduce our […]

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