Episode #68 – Teen Witch

At long last, all three of our intrepid co-hosts have returned, which can only mean one thing — finally we get to do the CONTEST-WINNER-SELECTED MOVIE! And what movie has he selected? The wish-fulfillment-for-tween-girls-of-the-late-80’s spectacular Teen Witch. Meanwhile Elliott explains the new Subway Teenwich, Dan objects to Gawker’s misuse of the English language, and Stuart reveals his new erection-based rating system.

0:00 – 0:35 – Introduction and SHOCKTOBER theme.
0:36 – 6:17 – Your regular co-hosts waste six minutes talking about how nice it is to all be in the same room again.
6:18 – 32:15 – We are all giddy, GIDDY, to be watching Teen Witch — a classic bad movie — rather than the usual modern, sub-mediocre Hollywood crap.
32:16- 37:15- Final judgments
37:16 – 49:44 Flop House Mailbag
49:45 – 54:39- The sad bastards recommend.*
54:40 – 56:09 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

*A correction — Dan says that the director of The Invisible Maniac also did The Hazing. He was thinking of Rolfe Kanefsky who helmed the similarly “using supernatural powers to see naked ladies”-themed movie Pretty Cool. The Invisible Maniac was by Adam Rifkin who went on to Hollywood projects like Detroit Rock City.

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Elliott is hosting another Closely Watched Films screening, this one of the great 1936 drama “Dodsworth”, the somehow uplifting story of the dissolution of a marriage.

Wednesday, Nov. 3rd, 7:30pm
@ 92YTribeca
200 Hudson St.
New York

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And, for the few in America that haven’t had the pleasure…