Episode #63 – From Paris With Love

What actors possess the sheer athleticism and breezy charm to sell a mismatched-partners action-comedy? According to the producers of From Paris With Love, it’s John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. We’ll let you discover whether they’re correct. Meanwhile, Dan gets oddly formal, Elliott lets us in on some Kelsey Grammar secrets; and Stuart establishes our pecking order, human centipede-style.

0:00 – 0:16 – Introduction and theme
0:17 – 34:17 – Luc Besson-produced films are usually good for some dumb thrills. Remove the thrills, and you’ve got From Paris With Love.
34:18 – 36:55 – Final judgments
36:56 – 41:30 – Friendly’s with benefits
41:31 – 45:19 – NEW CONTEST ALERT
45:20 – 55:03 – The sad bastards recommend
55:04 – 55:54 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes

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July 9th, 2010



  1. Matt says:

    Hey Dan! I wrote a review on itunes, but wanting to keep some anonymity I put in a different nickname on the itunes site. My review is by hector gonzalez 2010. Why that name? Because wolfie was taken and I couldn’t think of anything better.

  2. Brian S. says:

    Just another reason to despise Friendly’s besides the sub-par food I had to eat there as a child when my family visited the States. To the Friendly’s exec who is obviously reading this website and listening to the Flophouse to steal Stu’s ideas…shame on you.

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