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EPISODE #376 – Morbius, LIVE!

Covid has kept us from in-person live shows for more than two years, but last weekend we made our triumphant return at The Bell House in Brooklyn, and we hope to line up more soonish (in addition to keeping the odd streaming show)! What could possibly live up to that event status? Uh… how about a LIVING VAMPIRE? We discuss Morbius! Fangs to all who came out in person!

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Episode #90 – Red Riding Hood

What big eyes you have! The better to shut while watching Red Riding Hood, my dears. Meanwhile, Elliott introduces his lesser Richard Dreyfuss film series, Stuart reveals his elf racism, Dan attempts to use some cool lingo, and Alexander brings some indie rock credibility to the proceedings. 0:00 – 0:43 – Introduction and SHOCKTOBER theme. […]

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Elliott Interviewed on

Jet-setting man of mystery, professional raconteur, and amateur gadabout Elliott Kalan is a busy man, and he’s just added another notch to his belt of cultural achievements (we tried to tell Elliott that belts are there to keep your pants up, not to measure your socio-artistic relevancy, but he was too busy tripping over his […]

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