The Flop House: Episode #47 – The Unborn

Flop House’s annual SHOCKTOBER celebration begins with the only horror movie we can think of featuring a dybbuk: The Unborn. Perhaps writer/director David Goyer should have learned the old vaudeville lesson–words with a K are funny (not scary). Meanwhile Stuart reveals his complete ignorance of celebrity scandals, Elliott shows how he passed the bar in Ape Law, and Dan admits we basically choose movies based on whether they have a panty shot in the poster.*

0:00 – 0:34 – Introduction and SPOOKY theme
0:35 – 2:27 – The usual off-topic nonsense up front.
2:28 – 30:44- Finally, the pro-abortion, anti-holocaust, Jewish demon story you’ve been waiting for! The Unborn.
30:45 – 34:04- Final judgments
34:05 – 39:29 – Movie Mailbag
39:30 – 47:11 – A special SHOCKTOBER sad bastards recommend (the first two links aren’t horror movies, but the rest are).
47:12 – 48:37 – Goodbyes, theme and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of The Unborn

*For comparison’s sake, here’s the original, panty-centric Unborn poster:

UPDATED: I forgot to post the link to Colin’s movie monologue site (as promised in the show) with his kind words about our podcast. I’m sure he won’t mind the delay, since his link gets prime, ass-adjacent real estate. Thanks, Colin.