The Flop House: Episode #43 – Righteous Kill

Robert Deniro. Al Pacino. Co-starring together at last, as the result of an cruel prank, in which they are cast in a terrible, terrible (terrible) movie. We talk about Righteous Kill. Meanwhile Dan lets us in on why he sees everything as the set-up for an erotic cat-and-mouse game, Elliott talks about the most effective treatment for a coma, and Meghan unwittingly reveals Elliott and Dan’s secret life as sex workers.

0:00 – 0:37 – Introduction and theme
0:38 – 5:20 – We spend some time discussing Stuart’s penis and introduce our guest host, Meghan O’Neill.
5:21 – 36:59 – How many lousy movies do two of the greatest actors of their generation have to make, before we give up on them? Just one, if it’s Righteous Kill.
37:00 – 38:06- A break for station identification and all things Flop House.
38:07 – 42:45 – Final judgments
42:46 – 43:52 – We tease letters but cruelly do not read any this episode.
43:53 – 51:27 – The sad bastards recommend.
51:28 – 53:20 – Goodbyes, theme and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Righteous Kill

Here’s a link to the sketch group Mr. Whitepants (NOT Mrwhitepants.com, which is NSFW).

And here’s a link to Story Pirates, which helps keep Meghan off the streets and performing.

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August 15th, 2009

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