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Episode #99 – The Three Musketeers

If there’s one thing The Three Musketeers needed, it’s Milla Jovovich in a cleavage-increasing-girdle sliding down a hall, while darts shoot from booby traps on both sides.  Meanwhile, Stuart revises his meat metaphor, Elliott makes the list for his “Preposition Film Festival,” and Dan gets sassy with the fans. 0:00 – 0:36 – Introduction and […]

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The Flop House: Episode #43 – Righteous Kill

Robert Deniro. Al Pacino. Co-starring together at last, as the result of an cruel prank, in which they are cast in a terrible, terrible (terrible) movie. We talk about Righteous Kill. Meanwhile Dan lets us in on why he sees everything as the set-up for an erotic cat-and-mouse game, Elliott talks about the most effective […]

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