The Flop House is on Easter/Passover/Whatever Break

The Floppers resemble an old joke about guys walking into a bar. We got a Christian, a Jew, and whatever Stuart is. We think he worships Cthulhu.

Thus, in honor of our myriad traditions, we’re taking a short break this weekend, so that Dan can crucify some eggs, Elliott can gorge himself on unleavened bitter herbs, and Stuart can sacrifice some rats at the mountains of madness. (That’s how religion works, right?)

Rest assured that we’ll be back with a full-length episode next week (even though Dan’s about to jet off to Costa Rica, there should be no further April interruptions), and to tide you over, in the meantime, please enjoy this picture of Flop House guest host Matt Koff in a comical hat. We like to think he joins all the Floptastic religions together– he has the Jewishness of Elliott, the bunny ears of Easter-man-Dan, and the horrible squid arms of Stuart’s deity (trust us, they’re just out of frame).

Happy Holidays!