The Flop House: Episode #31 – Swing Vote

What happens when a movie that feels like it was written in 1984, and was inspired by the 2000 election, is made in 2008? You get Swing Vote. Meanwhile, Dan reveals an uncomfortable new use for tweed, Elliott explains his new game show, and Will busts out the world’s most accurate Paul Schrader impression.

0:00 – 0:32 – Introduction and theme.
0:33 – 3:41 – We introduce guest host extraordinaire Will Hines.
3:42 – 33:37 – What happens when the American election comes down to JUST ONE VOTE? Wait. You say that would never happen? Shit. Then what are we gonna do about this Swing Vote movie? I guess we should just make fun of it.
33:38 – 38:23 – Final judgments. Plus: the weirdest joke ever to appear on The Flop House.
38:24 – 51:09 – Letters from listeners.
51:10 – 58:26 – The sad bastards recommend.
58:27 – 59:17 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Swing Vote

Incidentally, here’s the short video mentioned during the podcast. Dan wrote it well before Swing Vote, but it covers basically the same premise in 1/60th the time (and it co-stars Elliott as the alien newscaster and former Flop House guest co-host Sara Schaefer as the non-toaster candidate).

And while we’re posting videos, here’s Dan and this week’s guest host Will Hines in their first meeting. Will plays the 2nd employee Dan fires: