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The Flop House: Episode #45 – Skinwalkers

Sometimes you eat the Skinwalker, and sometimes the Skinwalker eats you. For our first ever five man podcast, we bring in some experts — specifically, the authors of the book The Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly-Bitten (available for purchase Tuesday, September 15) Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan. Perhaps they’ll be able […]

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A Floptacular Interview and Some Great Links

Today was a big day for the Flop House. For one thing, we got interviewed over at the Tru TV (formerly Court TV) blog. Why not go over there and check it out? We’ll wait here. Back? Pretty cool, huh? This means we’ll soon be pulling in those basic cable numbers, from fans who clicked […]

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Episode #23 – Wild Hogs

We’re joined by comedian and writer Ritch Duncan to talk about Wild Hogs, the movie that posits that middle aged actors on motorcycles is inherently funny. Meanwhile, Elliott does his scarily accurate Ray Liotta laugh, Dan delves into John Travolta’s tortured psyche, and Ritch proposes a Bruce Springsteen simile that perfectly sums up The Flop […]

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