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Episode #416 – Cobra, LIVE

We’re giving you one more live show from our recent west coast tour, before returning to regular “in studio” episodes next week. Please enjoy our discussion of perhaps Sylvester Stallone’s grimiest, most 80’s action movie, Cobra, recorded live at the Rio Theater in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Episode #324 – Hellboy LIVE

We couldn’t get together for a mini this week, but our busy schedule is the listeners’ gain, as we release this full-sized live show from the vault! It’s a flashback to happier times, last July, when people could assemble to live comedy! Here’s our live Hellboy (2019) show from The Parkway theater in Minneapolis, MN!

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Episode #279 – The Dark Tower LIVE

We continue to exploit our vault of unreleased live shows, with this discussion of The Dark Tower, with special additional guest co-host, Hallie Haglund, the star of the show. And for those who don’t dig live shows, good news! Since next week is Max Fun Drive, we’ll be releasing an EXTRA EPISODE during a week we’d normally be dark. Everyone wins!

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