Episode #324 – Hellboy LIVE

We couldn’t get together for a mini this week, but our busy schedule is the listeners’ gain, as we release this full-sized live show from the vault! It’s a flashback to happier times, last July, when people could assemble to live comedy! Here’s our live Hellboy (2019) show from The Parkway theater in Minneapolis, MN!

Speaking of live shows — mark your calendars for October 24, 6PT/9ET, when we’ll be discussing Exorcist II: The Heretic over on our YouTube channel, in our socially-distanced livestream approximation of one of our normal touring shows. It’s free to watch, but we’ll be including charitable donations, including to a number of groups supporting voting rights!

In quarantine, it’s hard to get your horns trimmed.

Download the MP3 directly, HERE.

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