All Elliott Kalan

Episode #352 – Black Easter

Smalltember concludes with a doozy — Black Easter (previously titled Assassin 33 AD, in a slightly different edit) — the movie that dares ask “What if someone killed Jesus? …But not like, the people who ORIGINALLY killed Jesus. What if they were TIME TRAVELING MUSLIMS?”

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FH Mini 37 – 8-Bit Flop House

Elliott asks Stu and Dan questions about video game movies in the form of a retro video game of the mind. Don’t worry; it makes sense when you listen. Mostly.

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Episode #350 – The Boss Baby: Family Business, with Sammy Kalan

If the boss baby from The Boss Baby: Family Business can enlist her family for their wacky adventures, then why can’t Elliott make this a little more interesting by turning the podcast into his own little family business? His eldest son, Sammy, joins us for the movie discussion portion of the show!

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