Bad Movie Night: Don’t Tell Her It’s Me (aka The Boyfriend School)

01 Feb 2013
08:00 pm - 11pm
92Y Tribeca

Featuring pre-show trivia, prizes and a Marunga Makeover by I Love Bad Movies and running commentary by The Flop House.

Gus (Steve Guttenberg) is a live-action Ziggy who transforms into an overconfident, mulleted New Zealand biker named Lobo Marunga. In between, the Gutte is his usual charming self while his pesky sister (romance novelist Shelley Long) attempts to give him a Down Under makeover in this misguided romantic comedy starring a repurposed Mad Max costume.

Cocky yet nebbishy, Lobo/Gus awkwardly straddles motorcycles and identities, luring his love interest with one personality while repulsing her (via a poorly placed wig and sweaty face) with another.

Can Guttenberg pass as a legitimate Vegemite lover? Will the “Gusbuster” get his buster dusted by reluctant reporter Jami Gertz? Is life the same after seeing beloved character actress Beth Grant (Donnie Darko) demonstrate intercourse on a CPR doll? All will be revealed at this pre- (possibly anti-) Valentine’s Day screening!

Director: Malcolm Mowbray. 101 min. 1990. 35mm.