Bad Movie Night – Jaws: The Revenge

08 Jun 2013
08:00 pm - 11pm
92Y Tribeca

Featuring pre-show trivia and a slideshow presentation by I Love Bad Movies, a visit from Sharxpert Matt Glasson and running commentary by The Flop House.

What’s a shark to do when his favorite family (to eat) leaves Amity Island for a vacation in the Bahamas? Somehow determine exactly where they’re headed and then swim fast enough to beat their flight, of course!

Michael Caine stars as a pilot named Hoagie (sandwiched into the role of “Just Barely Replacing Roy Scheider”), throwing his dignity into the propeller of an airplane which is later eaten by a shark. Mario Van Peebles also appears, conveniently answering the question, “Which of the Van Peebles is the respected actor-director-playwright, and which is the one who punched a shark in the face?”

Given a rare “zero stars” by the late, great Roger Ebert, this watery chum bucket of a sequel is the perfect way to ring in the summer season and all the cinematic disappointment it brings.

Director: Joseph Sargent. 89 min. 1987. DVD.

Tickets: $12, Film Club Member: $8.