Bad Movie Night: Quiet Cool

08 Jun 2012
8pm - 11pm
92Y Tribeca

Featuring pre-show trivia, prizes, a James Remar: Simply the Best slideshow presentation by the editors of the I Love Bad Movies zine and running commentary by bad-movie podcast The Flop House. New York City cop Joe Dylanne (James Remar of 48 Hrs. & The Warriors) woke up with his head in a pizza box, chased a rollerskating purse-snatcher through the subway system (on his motorcycle) and now his old flame needs him to battle marijuana growers in the Pacific Northwest. He ends up stuck in a town that feels like the inspiration for Twin Peaks, dealing with a team of burly henchmen. Can Joe train a teenage boy to murder all of the henchmen with sticks and grappling hooks in time for the final showdown with a shadowy figure known only as “The Man”? Filled with tough-guy bravado and motorbike chases, Quiet Cool could’ve made James Remar a straight-up action star if its overly jazzy soundtrack didn’t constantly undermine the action with “whop-whaaa” sax sounds. Director: Clay Borris. 80 min. 1986. DVD. Tickets: $12 Member Price: $8