Episode #351 – Andy the Talking Hedgehog, with Jamelle Bouie

America’s foremost hedgehog expert, Jamelle Bouie, returns to usher in Smalltember (vember) 2021, with our discussion of the make-work project for Dean Cain and Tara Reid, Andy the Talking Hedgehog.

LIVE SHOW ALERT! — We’ll be doing another streaming live show, delivered directly to your computers or whatever you use for these things! Tune in on to watch us discuss the “classic” 1993 flop Super Mario Bros., do a few presentations, take a few questions via Twitter, and other assorted nonsense! Tickets are a mere $10! Hooray!

Horse not in movie.

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Wikipedia entry for Andy the Talking Hedgehog

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Night House


Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The Last Seduction