!!!EPISODE 300!!! – The Wicker Man

Well, we made it to three hundred, guys. And it only took us 12 years. What a triumph of the human spirit. Or monument to three lives sorely misused. One of those two things. But hey! It’s Cagemas, when we celebrate the work of Saint Nicolas Cage! And Hallie‘s here! And we’re talking about The Wicker Man! That’s a 300th birthday to be proud of Meanwhile Elliott and Stu really love pronouncing “raspberries,” Dan wonders how long you can hold bullets, and Hallie isn’t gonna let motherhood tank her Flop House Q rating.

To bee or not to bee?

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Wikipedia synopsis of The Wicker Man

No recommendations in this episode, just some Flop House nostalgia.

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December 21st, 2019



  1. Wildride says:

    No such thing as worker drones, of course. The workers are all female. The drones are males and they’re only there to fertilize the queen’s eggs and then they are kicked out of the hive, because they are otherwise useless.

  2. tshiif says:

    Endless amounts of thanks and cheers for the amazing 300 episodes. I joined relatively late, so have been an avid listener for about five-ish years now. Still my favourite podcast!

  3. Tony says:

    Thanks Hallie for your honesty and truth with you inability to endorse motherhood. I always knew it was a scam.

  4. Bleep Blop says:

    Yay! Hallie!

  5. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with data caps – https://archive.org/details/theflophouseepisode300thewickermanlowbitrate

  6. Kendall says:

    I loved hearing you guys reflect on the changes in your life since you started the show. I’ve been listening since around episode #140 or so and it’s always the podcast I check first on Monday. Thanks for being great. Also I tried listening to a couple episodes from the early catalog, and woof. Things have really improved over the years, let’s just say…

    • Gerald Fnord says:

      Yes and no. I like hearing Mr Kalan be a little deferential to Mr McCoy in his very earliest appearances, as I find the bullying schtick[?] distasteful in repetition. There was also greater energy at times. Listen to their “Bratz”, or “D-War…” or “10000 B.C.” shows.

      Also, two of the Peaches were routinely drunker….

      (I agree about their very earliest shows: with the initial line-up they all sounded like each other, and unpleasantly fratty.)

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