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Episode #417 – Exorcist: Believer

It takes a brave creative team to give Exorcist II: The Heretic a run for its money as worst “Exorcist” film, but at least part two was lovably batshit and a work of care and pearsonal vision, even if that vision was really weird. Exorcist: Believer on the other hand? Oof. You’ll have to listen to find out.

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!!!EPISODE 300!!! – The Wicker Man

Well, we made it to three hundred, guys. And it only took us 12 years. What a triumph of the human spirit. Or monument to three lives sorely misused. One of those two things. But hey! It’s Cagemas, when we celebrate the work of Saint Nicolas Cage! And Hallie’s here! And we’re talking about The Wicker Man! That’s a 300th birthday to be proud of Meanwhile Elliott and Stu really love pronouncing “raspberries,” Dan wonders how long you can hold bullets, and Hallie isn’t gonna let motherhood tank her Flop House Q rating.

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