Episode #283 – The Mummy LIVE

It’s been so long, we can’t even REMEMBER when we recorded this show on Tom Cruise’s The Mummy. But it’s from Seattle and it’s on tape, so here it is!

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Wikipedia synopsis for The Mummy

“You wanna wear the bandages, Tom?” “And block my SMILE?!”


June 8 – PORTLAND – Revolution Hall

July 13 – MINNEAPOLIS – Parkway

September 28 – BOSTON – WBUR CitySpace (TWO shows in one night)

October 12 – LOS ANGELES – The Regent Theater

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April 27th, 2019



  1. Gerald Fnord says:

    I guess there’s no way to patch the audio drop-offs in the question section, but would someone who can make out or infer the first few questions please list them? Thanks very much.

    • C says:

      “As we learned from The Mummy, monsters are very sexy. If you had to be seduced by a monster, which would you pick?”

      “You guys mentioned there was a more interesting movie going on in the background [of Skyline] that was not our main characters. Can you guys think of any other movies where there is a more interesting movie going on that is not the movie that’s focused on?”

      Elliott’s barely audible first response to that is Vertigo playing on a TV in Twelve Monkeys, although he reassures the audience that he also likes Twelve Monkeys.

      Stuart makes the same joke about Lawrence of Arabia‘s appearance in Prometheus.

      The god that Stuart would put in Dan’s body is Zeus.

      The next person asks the Flop House boys how they would do a Dark Universe of musicals. The asker makes a point of mentioning that Elliott is a talented songwriter.

      The movie whose lack of a sequel disappointed Stuart is John Carter of Mars.

      Elliott heard a playground rumor about Spaceballs 3: The Search for Spaceballs 2.

      I think that covers the most difficult parts.

  2. C says:

    I laughed at Elliott’s joke about the coronation of Nicholas II, though less at the humor than out of incredulity at hearing a joke about the coronation of Nicholas II.

  3. Wildride says:

    “… And then he just yells at Jenny to bring her back from the dead like she’s late.”
    “Well, she is late — The late Jenny.”
    “Please stop talking to me.”

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