Episode #273 – The Humanity Bureau

Can the magic of Cagemas overcome the most rote Nicholas Cage vehicle we’ve ever discussed, The Humanity Bureau? Meanwhile, Stuart reminisces about the Cage days of his youth, Dan writes a happy ending for some Foodfight! characters, and Elliott sets down some strict boundaries surrounding his son’s bath time.

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Original title: The Humanity Ottoman
















Wikipedia synopsis for The Humanity Bureau

Movies recommended in this episode:

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Leprechaun Returns
Summer 1993


The Flop House in Madison, WI on 1/26

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December 22nd, 2018



  1. Wildride says:

    Be careful what you say about the Boner Police, because the Phone Cops are most definitely in on it.

  2. elsiekate says:

    “dark city” is a movie that takes place in a grim future and has a character who has a postcard from a beachside place that may or may not exist. (i haven’t finished listening to the episode–perhaps this gets mentiomed but i knew i’d forget if i waited to type.)

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with data caps:


    Sorry it’s so late, Happy Holidays!

  4. Egbert Williams says:

    WTF is usually the same length as these and it is consistently under 30MB of data for a download. I don’t know why this one needs four or five times that. It’s a needless waste and a killer for people with data caps. We know the guys read these comments and must consistently see one very kind listener posting a link to a lower bit rate version. You’d think that might have clued them in to an easily fixable problem, so it would seem they just don’t care. Let them eat data, I guess.

    • C says:

      Yeah, anything over 128 kb/s for a podcast is overkill, and this show is encoded at 192 kb/s. It’s ridiculous. And I’m saying this as someone who only begrudingly listens to music that isn’t lossless.

      • C says:


        • Egbert Williams says:

          I don’t claim to have the ears of an audiophile, but I’ve never had any problem with the quality of Maron’s podcast or others that might average, say, 50mb/hour. To put an even finer point on the matter, you’d think there’d be a little embarrassment at seeing Vardulon regularly (and extremely kindly) picking up the slack that they could easily iron out.

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