Episode #248 – Bright

Two in-person episodes in a row? This one recorded in Dan’s apartment? Must be a post-Cagemas miracle! And to ring in the New Year, we talk about Netflix’s racially shaky blockbuster Bright. Meanwhile, Dan explains his dimension of shrimp, Elliott likely angers Marc Maron, and Stuart is Ike Barinholtz’s number one fan.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff looks different somehow.














Wikipedia synopsis for Bright

Movies recommended in this episode

A Dark Song
Brawl in Cell Block 99
I, Tonya
Logan Lucky

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January 6th, 2018



  1. Wildride says:

    I, for one, found this gritty reboot of Theodore Rex to be quite confusing.

  2. Wildride says:

    New app: Pokemon Bright. Just like Pokemon Go, except all the Pokemon are replaced with an orc. Why does it still have the Pokemon name when there’s no Pokemon in it? Hey, mind your own busi–Uh, I mean–Because Bright Go sounds dumb. But, seriously, mind your own business.

  3. C says:

    This isn’t cut-and-paste writing; it’s find-and-replace writing. Ctrl+H and fill out the fields.

  4. Christoph Schuerch says:

    Happy to see Logan Lucky and Dunkirk recommended. Is Elliott’s recommendation “not New York”?

  5. Gerald Fnord says:

    On tvtropes this is called “Fantastic Racism”.

    Magical creatures were summoned into this world by accident as a consequence of the ritual that brought adequate rainfall to L.A..

    Max Gladstone’s “Craft Sequence” books include a vaguely apposite situation, I think it’s “Two Serpents Rise”.

  6. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version of the episode for people with data caps – https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode248BrightLowBitrate

  7. Gerald Fnord says:

    Elliott and Dan should be allowed to recuse themselves from Final Judgement when an honest opinion could hurt their careers, as fear is the only explanation I can accept for E.K.’s F.J.. This movie sounds _aggressively_ worthless.

    The mention of the Firesign Theatre brings me to mention that you peaches at often doing exactly what they did in their live radio shows, but often better for being free of the sort of hippie self-righteousness and forced trippiness that they both mocked and to which they sometimes fell prey—it can be dangerous to think you’re on a winning, or at least popular, side. (Their live stuff is very worth hearing if you only know their studio albums, nowhere near as tight but many more riffs originating in mispronunciation.)

  8. C says:

    Why do podcast hosts constantly say Margot Robbie’s name wrong? It’s not Robie, it’s Robbie. It looks exactly like it sounds. WHM does this bizarre thing too.

  9. Greg Pandatshang says:

    Not sure about Tharg, but I’m pretty sure Klarg is a bugbear, not an orc.

  10. Gerald Fnord says:

    Maybe the mispronunciation is due to her being this moment’s acme of desirable femininity’s clashing with the masculine-sounding ‘Robbie’—straight guys feel queer thinking ‘I wanna fut Robbie!’. (I just lay back and think of Margot.)

    Either that, xor else it’s just a massive conspiracy to deflect attention from her being, in fact[-I-just-made-up], a robot whose consciousness formerly was running in the hardware of “Forbidden Planet” star Robbie the Robot.

    Your pick.

  11. Gerald Fnord says:

    …whereas, on the other hand , the prospect of Margot Robbie dressed solely in a robe were a pleasing one—google it today!

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