Episode #234 – The Accountant

It’s the movie that thinks autism is the secret to becoming a John Wick-style super-killer, The Accountant. Meanwhile Elliott details Randy Newman’s difficulty with dirty rhymes, Dan exhausts his knowledge of Zurich, Stuart hates Cheerios, and we all make some probably ill-advised jokes about the murder of Jean Smart.

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Uh, Ben? You got a little something on your face.

Wikipedia synopsis for The Accountant

Movies recommended in this episode:

Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
The Blackcoat’s Daughter
The Sympathizer

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June 24th, 2017



  1. Ben Whofleck says:

    I must take exception with the snarky, dismissive description of the movie. The movie only thinks that autism paired with lifelong martial art training, a long Black ops military career, and a gift for mathematics could create the main character. His brother was also nearly as skilled. There’s a world of difference between this movie and a Lucy or Limitless.

  2. Reality Check says:

    Huh, The Accountant wasn’t a flop.

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for anyone who might need it- https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode234TheAccountan

  4. Why in the world did you guys do an episode on THE ACCOUNTANT?
    It was literally one of the best movies of the year.
    Not kidding. Everyone in the movie is motivated by good. There has never been an assassin movie like it. It makes you think about the nature of humanity.
    It’s a beautiful story.

    ALSO: I’ve been wondering why Hollywood somehow thinks that to “Flop” means that the movie was a bad movie? It doesn’t. There are a lot of movies that flop but are actually good movies. Example: The Legend of 1900. That’s one of the best movies ever, but it flopped.

    You know what else flopped? Not your penis, you pervert. Blade Runner. That was a total flop. But it’s a great movie. I’d just enjoy you guys mentioning from time to time that money does not always equate quality.

    And you know what DIDN’T flop? Some of the shittiest movies ever. The Star Wars prequels. They freaking sucked. But they smashed the box office. SMASHED. So – my theory is that the box office is only that. It’s just the box office. Most people watch Netflix and Hulu and DirecTV these days anyways. I’ve only gone to one movie this year so far in the theatre.

    Anyways, keep your eyes peeled for my 500 word essay on butts.

    PS: I’m looking for a co-host on my comedy podcast about true spies HMU.

  5. Ricky says:

    The download doesn’t seem to work at the Maximum Fun site.

  6. Jane says:

    Is this the right place to complain about how Young Prom Queen has developed into perhaps the dumbest ever-looping earworm I’ve ever had going in my head? Make It Stop.

  7. Greg Pandatshang says:

    Right on, “Thanh” should be read with “t” sound at the beginning, same as in “Thomas”. As for Nguyen, there’s really no good way out. It’s supposed to be one syllable, starting with a “ng” sound (as in “sing”) and then a “w” and then a “y”. But I can’t pronounce that, don’t know about you. Some people go for a one-syllable version like “Ngwin”, like “win” with a “ng” tacked on the beginning. Most people just do two-syllable “Noo-yen”, like Ted Nugent’s last name, except if the g was a y and without the t on the end.

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