Episode #232 – A Dog’s Purpose

We watch the dog grief porn A Dog’s Purpose. Meanwhile Dan gets to the bottom of a Lassie mystery, Stuart gives us a hall pass, and Elliott masturbates to rhymes. Apologies for the audio that makes it sound like Stuart is in the other room. We have no idea how that happened.

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One of the many dogs you will get to enjoy dying over the course of this film.

Wikipedia synopsis for A Dog’s Purpose

Movies recommended in this episode:

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Hounds of Love
20th Century Women

LIVE SHOW ALERT! We added another show on June 9 at The Bell House at 10:00 pm! Tickets HERE.

Also, we’ll be at the PHILLY PODCAST FESTIVAL on July 16th at 8:30 pm!

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May 27th, 2017



  1. SoupBack says:

    So much precum in this episode!

  2. Ian says:

    Hang on, are you seriously suggesting that Wolverine gets on a commercial flight out of Madripoor? How the Sam Hill does he get through the metal detector, bub?

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for anyone who might need it – https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode232ADogsPurpose

  4. gusmal says:

    Just an awful movie with an animal abuse history

  5. ThisOneHere says:

    Nowadays wouldn’t the porn version of “Fletch” simply be “Fletch: A XXX Porn Parody”?

  6. Stoph says:

    Nice Maiden reference Stu. I gotcha.

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