Episode #198 – The Cobbler

It’s the Jewish magical realism tale that almost made Elliott hate his own Judaism: The Cobbler. Meanwhile, Stuart suffers from cartoon eye degeneration, Dan would like you to know very much that he’s a wealthy murderer, and Elliott’s singing has started to  bleed dangerously outside the letters section.

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Movies recommended in this episode:

The Deer Hunter
The Witch


Hey, hawareya? Ya want your SHOES cobbled? Flibbidy floo!

Wikipedia synopsis for The Cobbler

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February 20th, 2016



  1. Andy says:

    The best episode description ever. Can’t wait to listen!

  2. Suto says:

    It may be a bit hasty to label Michael Cane as racist. I can’t find any interview excerpts that aren’t chopped up, so context can be difficult, but here are the quotes I could find:

    In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Caine was asked about the controversy, responding: “There’s loads of black actors. You can’t vote for an actor because he’s black. You got to give a good performance, and I’m sure there were very good [performances].”

    “The one I – I don’t know whether Idris got [nominated],” Caine said. “Because I saw Idris, and I thought he was wonderful. I thought he would get [nominated]. Did he not get nominated?”

    “Well, look at me. I won the [European Film Award for] best actor [for Youth], and I got nominated for nothing else.”

    “Be patient. Of course, it will come. Of course, it will come. It took me years to get an Oscar.”

    Otherwise, keep up the good work, I enjoy your show.

  3. BK says:

    One of your funniest yet

  4. Wildride says:

    Unsurprising based on its name, but this movie is a load of cobblers.

  5. Doug Glassman says:

    Given how colossally “Gods of Egypt” flopped ($12 miliion on a $140 million budget) I assume that’ll be an episode very soon.

  6. Greg Pandatshang says:

    As I am good at following directions, I did stop listening shortly after Stuart said to and went back and listened to the Timothy Green episode. Actually, this was a boon to me, since I had never heard that episode before and it was solid gold. Then I rewound back to the beginning of this episode and listened all the way through. However, I rebelled against the system when Dan demanded that I throw my phone into a lake. And I don’t even own a laptop that I could make a taco supreme out of. At this point, I had basically tuned you guys out, so I also skipped the part about going out and living my life and running through the fields toward my true love. Nuts to that noise. Glad I got to hear that Timothy Green episode, though.

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