Choking Poster Contest!

UPDATE! The winner is Tom Horstmann! Thanks to everyone for playing. This was a very close one.


Voting is now open for the latest poorly-defined contest! Which fan-made choking poster should Stu use at Hinterlands Bar? (Vote in the poll at the bottom of the page, below all the entries.)

(1.) First off, this D&D inspired lunacy from Tony Ochre































(2.) The Peaches themselves get in on the action, with this model from Scott Hillman.

(3.) Sam Arshawsky brings us safety advice from Camp Crystal Lake.
choking poster entry


(4.) The classic Monster Manual gets a makeover from Sean Wilkins.
Choking Poster


(5.) The legendary “Cho King” graces Tom Horstmann’s poster.
Choking Victim (tom horstmann)


(6.) Jasmine Gires gives us a cornucopia of helpful monsters.


(7.) Lovely line art from Kyle Anthony.


(8.) Larry Zhuo Zhang goes with a medieval theme.


(9.) Who better to teach us about choking than Mr. Submarine Sandwich himself, the Invisible Maniac, in this poster from Stephen Train?