Episode #181 – Jupiter Ascending

Will the guys who liked Speed Racer also enjoy the Wachowski siblings’ most recent critical flop, Jupiter Ascending? Meanwhile Elliott debuts his new bumper sticker, Dan boringly digresses about The Three Investigators, and Stuart explains why, when incarcerating someone, you should really take their rocket boots.

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"Are you... are you smelling me?"

“Are you… are you smelling me?”

Wikipedia synopsis for Jupiter Ascending

Movies recommended in this episode:

Flash Gordon
The Visitor

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June 27th, 2015



  1. Wildride says:

    Jupiter Ascending is Star Wars, compressed into one movie, with all connected tissue removed, filmed with the sensibility of the prequels.

    “Why is this happening?”
    “It has to for the ‘plot.'”

    A description of every element of this movie. Has Jupiter never experienced bees that would have swarmed to her? Apparently. Was the sister just waiting to rejuvenate so that she could use it as a demonstration? Sure, why not?

  2. Wildride says:

    Btw: Snakes on a Train — Actually a thing, courtesy of The Asylum.

    • Alfje says:

      Any chance you guys would review a Mockbuster by The Asylum’s and other hacks: Snakes on a Train, Transmorphers, I am Omega, Iron Hero and American Warship all proved to be hilarious if you consume enough tall glasses of water 😉

  3. Christoph Schuerch says:

    Come on Elliott… “Creep” the TLC song?? Not “Creep” the Radiohead song or at least “Creep” The Stone Temple Pilots song?

  4. Dave says:

    I nominate “The Giver”. It’s as if Jenny McCarthy wrote a dystopian YA film.

  5. Disco Ghost says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the Three Invesigators. Man, I loved those books!

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