Episode #164 – 300: Rise of an Empire

Thus  we enter November, the month known for having “No” theme. And, appropriately, we watched one of the most generic of modern action sequels, 300: Rise of an Empire. Meanwhile, Elliott lectures on Noid avoidance, Dan makes a public apology relating to one type of music and attacks another, and Stu makes an exciting announcement for enjoyers of comical books.

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Pecs of Fury

Wikipedia synopsis for 300: Rise of an Empire

Movies and TV recommended in this episode:

The Plumber
Witching and Bitching

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From real Flop House comics to fake ones — Fan art by Niall O’Brian, writer of the lengthy letter this episode.


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November 1st, 2014



  1. BlueHighwind says:

    As awesome as it would be for the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament to be in Bayonne, NJ, as a lifelong resident there, it is not. The town itself seems to be stuck in 1960 something. But we still have cars, and roads, our streets are not filled with mud and the only plague is a plague of construction on the Bayonne Bridge. If you’re looking for a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament you must visit Lyndhurst, NJ, a town that as far as I know, exists only to house Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

  2. Chef Savonarola says:

    This podcast was recorded in Shocktober, was it not? BLATANT HERESY! BURN THE PEACHES! Grill them, at least. Serve with whipped cream and mint leaves.

  3. Chef Savonarola says:

    But my post was not only funny, it even made “medieval dining” sense following the previous comment! A tad touchy, Dan. What do I have to do to get a comment through here, happen to be your niece?!

  4. Chef Savonarola says:

    Oh, never mind. I see how this works. The first comment still has a chance… Or maybe not, after this. Be gentle!

  5. JP says:

    Love those fanart comics haha.

  6. Gerald Fnord says:

    If the plot of “Witching and Bitching” sounds familiar, that may be because it’s a gender-flipped (and monster-flopped) version of one or three Jean Rollin vampire movies. A notable example: «Le frisson des vampires», released in the U.K. as “The Shiver of the Vampires” and in the U.S. as “Caged Virgins”.

    (That was the honest truth, saving I’m not so sure about the U.K. part, but a.)I think it’s true, and b.)saying so seemed good for the rhythm.)

    Two teen-aged girls dressed as clowns rob a bank with one guy who gets killed very quickly. The girls get away, scrub off their clown makeup, put on lots of eye makeup, then wander tube-topped into a vampire power-struggle their roles in which I could not understand, and suspect neither could the actors or Jean Rollin—he just had them illustrate what he felt like looking-at, and say the things he wanted to hear said, and then it was over. I’ve seen at least one more similar such by Rollin, maybe «Requiem pour un vampire», when hopped-up on goofballs, and it felt both irritatingly nonsensical and like someone else was shouldering the burden of dreams _for_ me, so I could mostly ignore it and just go ahead and pay attention to a difficult level of “Doom” instead.

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