Episode #162 – The Quiet Ones

BOOOOOGENS! Welcome to the first episode of SHOCKTOBER 2014 (and the first episode officially under our new podcast network, MaxFun). And because we would never Halloween trick you, instead we’re treating you to a guest appearance by Hallie Haglund, sitting in with the OP’s, to discuss The Quiet Ones. Meanwhile, Elliott lists all the great MaxFun podcasts, Stuart once again shows his ignorance of all things Internet, and Hallie puts Dan in his place.

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Hey lady, you got something on your head.

Hey lady, you got something on your head.

Wikipedia synopsis for The Quiet Ones

Movies and TV recommended in this episode:

From Beyond
The Returned
The Hidden

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October 4th, 2014



  1. Wildride says:

    “I’ve seen hairier chests on Molly RingWORM!”

    (Porn/Horror crossover)

  2. Wildride says:

    I don’t know if this is a comment on where my mind is, but thrush is another word for a yeast infection.

  3. Gzoref says:

    She a funny galy
    Should be on more often
    The chemistry is awesome!

    I’ll bet she’s a great pally
    she’s the cat’s mee-ow-ie
    That’s Hallie!

    Hallie, have her on the Flophouse
    she funny and rocks that house
    Yeah I rhymed house with house!


  4. Blueberry Morning says:

    Stuart: “So do you know this Merlin Mann guy?”

    a) the reason I and probably others found your wonderful show; and
    b) Elliott’s separated-at-birth brother, conceptually/artistically.

    The Flophouse and You Look Nice Today: a cut* above all others.


  5. Emily says:

    Do you all read the comments here or just Dan? Only ask since it seems like you often site comments from your Facebook group, but not so much from your own website.

    I’m not buying this true “creative differences” no bad feelings break-up à la Janeane Garofalo in Seinfeld. Mostly just stirring this up so that you’ll invite Al Madrigal back to as a guest host (pretty please).

    I have a bunch that nobody hosting ever watched “The Ward” directed by John Carpenter and starring Amber Heard (of “Paranoia” and “Drive Angry”), bunch of other random young actress including a Meryl Streep daughter and Jared Harris. It’s weird to listen to “The Quiet Ones” since Jared Harris’ role seems so similar to “The Ward” it’s almost freaky. I think “The Ward” is worth seeing. I’m probably not on the same wavelength at all times as the floppers (could really bare “Only God Forgives”), but “The Ward” was a bit slow. But since you all seemed so perplexed how come Jared Harris would make that movie, seems you’d be less so since it’s so close to “The Ward.”

    The real reason to recommend “The Ward” to the floppers is besides “The Quiet Ones,” it bares a striking similarity to a movie that FREQUENTLY sited on the Flop House. I don’t want to say which one since it would give away the main twist, but at the end of “The Ward” it’s so obvious which Flop House reference movie it’s ripping-off (although I don’t that movie created that twist either although unsure abut that). I’ll let “two people who had no business on television” (as Elliott describe them) talk it up and down. http://www.ebertpresents.com/movies/the-ward/videos/239

  6. Rip Thorn says:

    I was waiting for Elliott to make the obvious “Max Fun Sydow” joke. Maybe next time.

  7. Tristan says:

    New listener!
    The mention of From Beyond made me wonder if any of the hosts have seen Banshee Chapter, a decent movie that references From Beyond. Check it out!

  8. Seth says:

    Hallie is great; but four in a podcast Is a little over the comfortable limit. 3.5??

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