Episode #149 – Paranoia

Han Solo vs. Commissioner Gordon sounds awesome, until you realize the star of Paranoia is actually a Hemsworth brother. And not the good one. Meanwhile Elliott doubles down on the size of Gary Oldman’s penis, Stuart disturbs us by talking about intimate times and Dan introduces the notion of a California Raisins fetish.

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Old & Charismatic vs. Young & Bland!

Wikipedia synopsis for Paranoia

A note: in this episode Dan confuses Baba Yaga with Strega Nona.

Movies recommended in this episode:
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Visitor
The Sweet Smell of Success

Here’s the tattoo mentioned in the episode, from listener Shawn LNW.


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April 5th, 2014



  1. Eli LNW says:

    Good morning/afternoon/evening, gentlemen. I’m writing today to condemn you for the attempted murder of my brother. We were on a long drive down a long, straight highway, and I was showing him your podcast. The episode on Attack of the Clones, especially around the Olive Garden part, made him laugh so hard I nearly pulled over to start resuscitation. I fear that next time he sees the image of Yoda, he won’t survive. In seriousness, great job, finally going to watch Citadel Psycho tonight. Sincerely, Eli LNW.

  2. Heather says:

    Adam Cassidy’s nerd friend is a repeat Flop House star, he was the romantic love interest in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

    Commissioner Gordon and Han Solo? Kind of surprised no mention that this is reuniting the leads of Hallie Haglund’s Top 5 movies… Air Force One.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Dan was talking about Strega Nona, who did not live in a chicken foot house but did control a mass of sentient pasta large enough to smother an entire Italian village.

  4. J. Thunder says:

    Ever since I saw Dead Heat on a Merry Go Round, I was a Harrison Ford fan for life. Watching Ford doing a perp walk in this movie was a low point for me too. It would almost be the equivalent of a 1960’s movie where John Wayne and Laurence Olivier are taken down by young upstart Frankie Avalon. I was hoping you guys would cover this POS.

  5. Kidd Diddler says:

    that baba yaga part was magical. if you guys were drunk(er) this podcast it shows and it’s great

  6. Sam says:

    Elliott: “i can’t hate young people; my son is younger than any of them .. but he only goes to baby clubs. Club Goo-goo .. Pantsoilers .. Rattles .. The Teething Room”
    Dam: “now you see em now you don’t (that’s a peek-a-boo club)”

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