Episode #141 – Last Ounce of Courage

Hey, remember when we all used to celebrate Christmas? Last Ounce of Courage takes us back to that magical time.  Meanwhile,  Stu is upset at the way Wolverine treated his Christmas gift, Dan fails to have perspective about his knee, and Elliott reveals the Jesus/Ducktales crossover.

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Did everyone remember to hang their Christmas flags?

Did everyone remember to hang their Christmas flags?

Movies recommended in this episode:

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December 14th, 2013



  1. fork dog says:

    “Blathering blatherskite”

  2. J. Thunder says:

    Jim Brown was in Mars Attacks instead of Fred Williamson. Not trying to be a film snob. I only know this because Becky Sobotdka stood me up at our local AMC theater and I stayed to watch the whole movie. My mom showed up and watched the movie with me, so that was nice.

    Hey, did you guys know the Mayor/Freedom Fighter of Last Ounce previously played Ben Gazarra’s henchman in Rowdy Herrington’s Roadhouse?

  3. Chris J says:

    Loved the reference to “My Name is Nobody”. Let’s just say it’s big in Germany even without the hass.

    Thanks for the great shows!

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