Episode #140 – After Earth

It’s the movie they tried to pretend M. Night Shyamalan had nothing to do with: After Earth.  Meanwhile,  Elliott introduces us to the Crypt Keeper’s brother, Stuart meets his Phantasm hero, and Dan just needs to explain a few things first.

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Submit. Submit to the power of the Smith.

Submit. Submit to the power of the Smith.

Movies recommended in this episode:

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November 30th, 2013



  1. Chris says:

    Will Smith in the 1930’s

    Director- Hey you, make me a drink.
    Will- But I’m an actor
    Director- Go act like you’re making me a drink.
    Will- ok, but then I need to use the bathroom.
    Director- (enter racist comment here.)

  2. Wildride says:

    M. Night is quite competent, even good sometimes, at shooting his movies. He can manage the technical aspects and even create a proper mood, given an OK story. But all his stories are dumb and he’s not the guy to get anything extra out of his actors. Indeed, much like George Lucas, if anything he’s actually gonna get in the way of the performances of otherwise talented actors. And his lead, Jaden. is not particularly talented, but I hated him way less in the Karate Kid remake than I did here, so M. Night even brought him down.

    They’ve have been way better off just making this a fantasy movie instead of dressing like like sci-fi. At least then, when nutty “why did that happen?!” moments occur, the answer is “oh, yeah — magic!” instead of “Why didn’t they get someone with a passing familiarity with reality take a look at this script?”

  3. Nina says:

    Can we talk about Jaden’s creepy furrowed brow for a second, though?

  4. Hypo-Calvinist says:

    I want to hear more about this “pert goy” the Swedish Chef wrote in about. I have a hard time with Italian accents, though, so maybe I just misheard.

  5. BlueHighwind says:

    You were thinking of “Buster Bunny”, when you imagined Bugs Bunny’s son.

  6. Remeber when M. Night Shyamalan’s name made you excited about a movie? Those were better days, better days indeed.

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