Episode #134 – Upside Down

Upside Down is a movie about two young lovers from planets with reverse gravity, and we somehow make it through the whole episode without making a joke about 69-ing. Meanwhile, Stuart gets his annual review, Dan can’t stop getting all science-y, Elliott discusses auto-erotic time travel, and… we’ll let you enjoy the surprise.

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Imagine having to stare at this for 107 minutes.

Movies recommended in this episode:

Pacific Rim
Miami Connection
The Act of Killing

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September 7th, 2013



  1. Mike says:

    I’ve been put off from listening to your podcast since you took 15 goddamn minutes to give a summary of this movie cause one of you was trying to be cute with the girl who was guest starting.

  2. Anton says:

    This guy is dumb^

  3. Jose says:

    every time that hallie is on i get hyped because its going to be just that much more hilarious.

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