Episode #114 – Abduction

Crazy holiday scheduling has yet again kept us from providing detailed show notes for this episode. We apologize. It won’t become a habit. As a peace offering, here is a link to a picture of a castle freak.

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You know what they say — IF IT’S TOO LAUTNER, THEN YOU’RE TOO OLD!

Wikipedia synopsis of Abduction.

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November 16th, 2012



  1. Has anyone seen my ding dong?

  2. wildride says:

    Wait, so the first things he does are ride on the outside of a car and then wake up outside partially naked? Are we entirely sure his character wasn’t also a werewolf?

  3. Joe Mannaseh says:

    Hey, loved the show! Just a comment: I noticed when you guys were talking the Ninja Turtles theme song, you were joking about how the composer was probably living in a palatial estate somewhere. You guys do know that the composer of the song is none other than TV producer Chuck Lorre, right? I have no doubts he really does listen to the theme song every day in some ridiculously huge mansion.

  4. Ryan DSC says:

    This has become one of my favorite episodes of all time. Looking forward to reading your treatments/pitches of “Lady Hat Cop” and “Millionaire Teen.”

  5. EmilyRSVP says:

    A suggestion for a film that is just weird is “Joyful Noise.”

  6. Saeed Zia says:

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