Episode #113 – The Devil Inside

Mom has been acting weird lately, I wonder why that could be. Oh, I don’t know… could it be… SATAN? (We now owe Dana Carvey 1.5 million in intellectual property damages). We take on the infamously rage-inducing The Devil Inside. Meanwhile… oh who cares? FRANKENSTORM.

Detailed show notes canceled on account of hurricane.

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Does this look infected to you?

Wikipedia synopsis of The Devil Inside

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October 28th, 2012



  1. wildride says:

    Simply put found footage movies always fail because to be found footage, it must first be lost footage. When you get to the climax, either the protagonist succeeds, in which case there’s no reason to “lose” the footage, or the antagonist does, and you can’t explain how the ending got filmed. So can’t tell a complete story entirely in the found footage format.

  2. EmilyRSVP says:

    In Elliott had a devil inside, wouldn’t it be a Jersey Devil?

  3. Gerald Fnord says:

    0.) It’s weird hearing people able to _joke_ about Biffocracy; it is not original with me, but the entire ruling family seem to have watched ’80s teen movie villains and said’ Oh, THAT’s how I’m supposed to act.’.
    1.) Exorcism movies centre around the Catholic Church both because they’re more into exorcism, but also because lots of Protestants think it _is_ demonic, with Jack Chick an outlier in intensity but firmly within tradition.
    2.) The Cinemax ‘I heard about this couple that…’ movies sound like they’re a continuation mof a porno genre called the ‘loop carrier’, which was a way of recycling old short loops (shot for viewing-booths) by having scenes that very often were two couples on a couch recounting stories that would cut to the loops. Usually such would end with the couples themselves ‘doing it’. (I’m not proud of knowing this, but not particularly ashamed.)

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