The Flop House: Episode #42 – Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Ask not for whom the Paul Blarts. It Blarts for thee. Meanwhile, Brock advances a novel theory about why the mall hijackers use non-lethal force; Dan is baffled by the contortions the screenwriters go through to explain normal, everyday things; and Stuart talks about his penis.

0:00 – 0:30 – Introduction and theme
0:31 – 3:09 – We introduce our guest host, Brock Mahan.
3:10 – 30:55 – We watch that mall cop movie. No, not that one. The dumb one.
30:56 – 34:00- Final judgments
34:01 – 39:42 – The sad bastards recommend.
39:43 – 40:50 – Goodbyes, theme and a special message about Stuart’s penis.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Paul Blart: Mall Cop