The Flop House: Episode #39 – Bride Wars

This week we take a look at the movie that made us famous… or at least led to this interview. That’s right, we tackle Bride Wars. Meanwhile guest host Amanda explains Candice Bergen’s magical powers, Stuart reveals his commercial catchphrase, Stuart nominates Kate Hudson to star in the film “My Slightly-Puffy Matthew McConaughey Love Interest is an Alien, and Dan fills in for Elliott’s golden pipes at an unexpected juncture.

0:00 – 0:31 – Introduction and theme
0:32 – 2:22 – We introduce our guest host: stand-up comedian and comedy writer Amanda Melson.
2:23 – 31:20 – In Bride Wars, there are no winners. Only bloodstained white tulle.
31:21 – 34:23- Final judgments
34:24 – 39:02 – Listener mail, and a revelation about Dan’s slumlord background.
39:03 – 45:40 – The sad bastards recommend
45:41 – 47:24 – Goodbyes, theme and outtakes.

If you like Amanda Melson in this episode, check out this Comedy Central stand-up clip. VIDEO! FUN!

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Wikipedia synopsis of Bride Wars

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June 13th, 2009



  1. ksen says:

    Surprisingly, “Head of the Family” is actually available on Netflix but “Blue Collar” is not.

  2. wiggie says:

    I forget how I found this podcast, and I’ve never found an effective way to pitch it to any of my friends. “They watch a bad movie, and then they talk about it afterward…no really, it’s funny. No you can’t see the movie while they talk about it, it’s just audio. Seriously. Oh, sure, just walk away when I’m talking to you, homeless man on the street”.

  3. Dan McCoy says:

    And homeless men are our key demographic!

  4. wiggie says:

    Well, obviously not homeless women, with all Stewart’s slightly sexist comments.

  5. Thursday says:

    Love going back in time with these! Hearing Chris Pratt being described as “professionally oafy” is not something I expected, but of course at the time…

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