The Flop House: Episode #38 – Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Seemingly produced to answer the never-issued challenge, “can Disney make a movie to simultaneously appeal to kids and Paris Hilton?” this week we talk about Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Meanwhile Stuart reveals his commercial catchphrase, Elliott despairs over the sexualization of dogs, and Dan repeats several actionable celebrity slurs.

0:00 – 0:41 – Introduction and theme
0:42 – 31:36 – We discuss Beverly Hills Chihuahua, the movie that made talking Chihuahuas a national sensation. Wait… I’m thinking of Taco Bell.
31:36 – 38:38 – Final judgments
38:39 – 46:00 – After some hilarity about the Civil War, we read a letter from a listener.
46:01 – 53:19 – The sad bastards recommend
53:20 – 55:35 – Dan reveals a shameful talent for remembering celebrity nude scenes, followed by goodbyes, theme and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Beverly Hills Chihuahua