The Flop House: Episode #33 – An American Carol

Due to outside circumstances, there was no time to post show notes (or, for that matter, editing the show beyond adding the theme/ introduction/ outtakes) this week. But enjoy the episode.

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March 15th, 2009



  1. Megan D. says:

    Oh Floppers, you’ve done it again! I only wish there were more of you to crush unrealistically over.

    Incidentally, you mentioned the absence of D-turned-R-post-9/11 actor Ron Silver in AN AMERICAN CAROL. Turns out he was busy dying. Literally. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/16/movies/16silver.html?_r=1&hp

  2. wildride says:

    Velcro from the space program? A swiss guy traipsing about in the Alps in the 40s counts as the space program now? The idea for velcro came from burrs sticking to his dog on a hunting trip.

  3. GZoref says:

    I think that you guys missed the mark a bit by not spending enough time on the slavery scene. I mean, there isn’t one part about that scene that has a redeeming value or should have existed.

    They posit that Michael Moore, If the Civil War had not occurred, would have been the largest slaveowner in Mississippi?!

    And even without the Civil War, I’d like to think that America would have ended the practice of slavery on its own well before the turn of the 21st-century, right? It doesn’t say much for America that we had to fight a war to end the practice of slavery.

    But that scene was just bonkers!

  4. elsiekate says:

    is there a numbering error, or what happened to episode #32/

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