Episode #26 – 88 Minutes

It’s a new day in America, and what better way to celebrate the first African-American president than with Al Pacino’s thriller 88 Minutes? What, you don’t understand why that’s appropriate? Maybe that’s because you’re racist. Meanwhile, Dan makes a baldfaced plea for sponsorship, Elliott proves his facility with numbers (as long as they’re in the titles of movies), and the ghost of Stuart looms large over the episode.

0:00 – 0:30 – Introduction and theme.
0:31 – 5:02 – We explain why we’re the dynamic duo this week, and talk about how much we miss Stuart. Also: we engage in the name-droppiest name dropping yet, as Elliott tells the story of the time he met PRESIDENT ELECT BARACK OBAMA.
5:03 – 32:52 – We talk about 88 Minutes, the movie that is a worse example of real-time filmmaking than Nick of Time, and a far worse example of post-mortem semen-swapping than Presumed Innocent.
32:53 – 37:25 – Final judgments, plus a brief side-track into dream analysis.
37:26 – 45:43 – The sad bastards recommend.
45:43 – 46:32 – We talk about Stuart some more. Jeez! Why don’t us guys get a room, already!
46:33 – 49:03 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of 88 Minutes