Episode #19 – Premonition

Dead crows are totally gross. That’s the message we take away from the thriller/ kitchen sink drama/ religious film (?) Premonition. Meanwhile, Elliott tells us a secret about The Masters of the Universe, Dan reveals his hatred of Zack Morris, and Stuart confirms what we already knew about what he looks for in a movie.

0:00 – 0:31 – Introduction and theme
0:32 – 30:20 – After welcoming back oft-absent co-host Elliott Kalan and dispensing with some off-topic comics talk, we celebrate Independence Day by examining the slow decline of former America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock in Premonition.
30:21 – 32:05 A slight detour, as the Flop House hosts make out their audio living wills.
32:06 – 36:09 – Final judgments.
36:10 – 40:19 – We rewrite the ending to Premonition. Also: a lot of nonsense about C.H.U.D.s.
40:20 – 48:40 – The sad bastards recommend.
48:41 – 51:12 – Podcasty business, a NEW CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT, and goodbyes.
51:13 – 51:54 – Theme and outtakes.


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Wikipedia synopsis of Premonition.

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July 6th, 2008



  1. Jerry says:

    Just to set the record straight — I possess (no pun intended) no books on premonition.

    Dan’s Dad

  2. Dan McCoy says:

    …And I’m alarmed that my father is listening.

    I apologize for any off-color talk, and assure listeners that my parents brought me up right.

  3. Rob McCoy says:

    No, Dan’s parents brought me up right. By the time Dan showed up, they were tired, and Dan was raised by the dog and cats, with occassional guidance from his brothers.

  4. Wildride says:

    Oh, and if you’re watching the other Ginger Snaps movies, fill it out with Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning. Werewolves attack a 19th century Canadian trading post.

  5. Erin Butler says:

    You came close to solving the Rubber Head Mystery: though the story didn’t _directly_ introduce a Jester-god, there was a crow, which is a god of that style here on the West coast.

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