Episode #19 – Premonition

Dead crows are totally gross. That’s the message we take away from the thriller/ kitchen sink drama/ religious film (?) Premonition. Meanwhile, Elliott tells us a secret about The Masters of the Universe, Dan reveals his hatred of Zack Morris, and Stuart confirms what we already knew about what he looks for in a movie.

0:00 – 0:31 – Introduction and theme
0:32 – 30:20 – After welcoming back oft-absent co-host Elliott Kalan and dispensing with some off-topic comics talk, we celebrate Independence Day by examining the slow decline of former America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock in Premonition.
30:21 – 32:05 A slight detour, as the Flop House hosts make out their audio living wills.
32:06 – 36:09 – Final judgments.
36:10 – 40:19 – We rewrite the ending to Premonition. Also: a lot of nonsense about C.H.U.D.s.
40:20 – 48:40 – The sad bastards recommend.
48:41 – 51:12 – Podcasty business, a NEW CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT, and goodbyes.
51:13 – 51:54 – Theme and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Premonition.