Episode #17 – Untraceable

We scoff at the feds by making our podcast completely Untraceable. You’ll never shut us down! Meanwhile, Stuart pontificates about pizza disposal, Dan indicates his preference for old-timey modes of tragedy communication, and Elliott gives the writer of Untraceable lessons in Nielsen ratings.

0:00 – 0:30 – Intro and theme.
0:31 – 1:40 – We welcome back co-host Elliott Kalan after a brief break, and he pitches us a Kalan-centric TV vehicle.
1:41 – 26:42 – A perfectly pleasant conversation about sticking your penis in various foodstuffs is ruined by the film Untraceable.
26:43 – 30:00 – Final judgments.
30:01 – 36:16 – The sad bastards recommend.
36:17 – 38:03 – Shilling for the website – now with fan art and videos!
38:04 – 40:14 – Some final thoughts about Untraceable, fan art, and penises.
40:15 – 41:19 – Goodbyes, theme music, and outtakes.

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SOUND NOTE: We apologize for some of the sound in this episode. About 2/3 of the way through, some sort of technical issue befell Dan’s microphone/ levels. We’ve done our best to fix this in post by manually boosting the volume whenever he speaks (since, luckily, he was picked up by the other host’s microphones). However, as you can imagine, that solution isn’t ideal. The episode is still completely listenable (thanks in some part to Dan not talking as much towards the end of the episode – a fortunate bit of laziness on his part), but we apologize for the dip in quality towards the end.

Wikipedia synopsis of Untraceable.