All Superman

Episode #336 – Supergirl, with Glen Weldon

If we have Glen Weldon, co-host of the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast and author of the marvelous Superman: The Unauthorized Biography on as a guest, you’d better believe we’re gonna go down one of the many fascinating cul-de-sacs in the “super” cinematic universe — in this case 1984’s “Supergirl,” or — as we prefer to think about it — The Adventures of Faye Dunaway’s Fabulous Witch and Her Companions.

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No Movie Minute This Week

The real reason is that my computer ate it, but let’s pretend it has something to do with MLK day and the inauguration, because that makes it seem less like an error, and more like we love America. And speaking of America, if you miss your Flop House fix, why not enjoy this video starring […]

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