All Paul Bettany

Episode #179 – Mortdecai

Hoo boy does Johnny Depp certainly have a mustache in Mortdcai! Meanwhile Dan reads copy off a beer for some reason, Elliott invites George Lucas to stop by, and Stuart recommends a surprising film.

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Episode #88 – Priest

What can we say about Priest except that it’s marginally better than Legion?  At this rate, director Scott Charles Stewart and star Paul Bettany should get it right in another hundred movies or so.  Meanwhile Stuart calmly usurps Elliott’s role as master recapper, Tom expounds on the joy of a roller-skating Patrick Swayze, and Dan […]

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Episode #62 – Legion

If a 13-year-old boy wrote an early-90’s Image comic book and pitched it to Zach Snyder’s third unit director, then you might wind up with something like Legion. Meanwhile, Dan tries to make it all about his birthday, Elliott expounds on some Flop House in-jokes, and Stuart offers Wolverine a real Sophie’s choice. 0:00 – […]

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