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Episode #317 – Artemis Fowl, with Scott Weinberg

The fuck is this? No really, the fuck is this? What is this fucking thing? What? This? From a major studio and established director? What? The fuck? This? Was made? THIS? We talk about Artemis Fowl with critic and filmmaker Scott Weinberg.

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Episode #299 – The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

We attempt to exploit the zeitgeist by… reviewing a movie from 1969. We may not be good at this zeitgeist thing. More to the point — since Disney+ has been in the news, we attempt to bask in some reflected glory by talking about the young Kurt Russell Disney live-action vehicle, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (thanks to longtime Daily Show producer and head researcher Adam Chodikoff for the idea). Meanwhile Stu makes the fatal error of encouraging Elliott’s singing, Elliott takes us inside the pitch meetings for our favorite cereal mascots, and Dan has the plague.

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Episode #86 – The Happiest Millionaire

Only an army could make us sit through The Happiest Millionaire… an army, or one U.S. serviceman, that is.  Meanwhile, Dan reveals the creepier aspects of his character, Stuart returns from his gaming convention with a surprise gift, and Elliott is forever thwarted in his attempts to bring American history to the podcast masses. 0:00 […]

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