Screening of I KNOW WHO KILLED ME at the Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers

18 Oct 2014
07:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Alamo Drafthouse


Lindsay Lohan plays to her strengths as a set of twins – one a bored stripper who never takes off her clothes but whose limbs fall off for no reason, the other a high school student who is kidnapped by Tobias Fünke at a Blue Man Group audition – in I Know Who Killed Me, an overwrought thriller based on a bad meal Brian De Palma once ate.

Despite looking exactly the same and apparently living in the same town, the Twohans have never met, and when Badhan is discovered in a pile of her own fingers shortly after Goodhan goes missing, everyone (including the gardener with a tribal nipple tattoo) assumes Badhan is Goodhan, and welcome her home with open (fully intact) arms. Can Badhan solve the Mystery of the Missing Sister before you die of bewilderment?

Come for the “bleeding wounds unexplained” search, stay for the scene in which a scientist dressed as Snoop Dogg gives Badhan a robotic cyborg leg when a standard prosthetic would have been fine. By the time a human being actually says the words, “I know who killed me!” out loud, your palm will be permanently affixed to your forehead. (Surgeons dressed as Vanilla Ice will be on hand to remove it.)

Featuring a slideshow presentation by I Love Bad Movies and running commentary by The Flop House, plus a special guest for Flop House fans.

(The actual show starts at 8, but due to the Alamo Drafthouse policy on late seating, it’s recommended you get to this event early.)



Yes, we’re aware that Yonkers is a long way away, which is why Stuart’s wife Sharlene and I Love Bad Movies co-founder Matt Carman have set up a BUS to take you directly to the show and back from a centrally-located (blocks from the Atlantic Avenue/Barclay’s Center subway stop) dispatch point in beautiful Brooklyn, NY.


5:30pm – Bus leaves from Sharlene’s Bar (353 Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn).  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early, and DO NOT be late.  The bus will leave on time, and refunds will not be given to latecomers.

6:30ish – Arrive at Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers.  ILBM and The FH need to be there early to test the tech, but feel free to hang out on the bus, or in the lobby of the Alamo where there’s a full bar.  There’s also a nail salon (for the gentlemen).

7:30pm – Theater opens for the pre-show clips, and the show starts at 8pm

10:30ish – Bus leaves from Alamo Drafthouse, returning to Sharlene’s Bar for an after party.

The bus ticket DOES NOT include a ticket to the event, so make sure you get your Flop Night ticket(s) separately via the Alamo Drafthouse website if you haven’t already.

The round trip bus ticket is $26 per person.  We would like as many people to join us as possible, so please only purchase as many tickets as you definitely need (max. 3).

Remember, you can order food and drinks from your seat at the Alamo, so you’ll be able to eat during the show.

(One last disclaimer: By purchasing a bus ticket, you absolve Sharlene and all other organizers of responsibility in case of an accident or any other incident, and other legal things.)

Click the link to GET ON THE BUS. Seats are limited!