FH Mini 49 – YOU Choose a Commentary

We’re going to do something a little different for this year’s Maximum Fun donors exclusive bonus episode — our first full-length movie commentary! And we’re going to let YOU pick which of our previously-discussed Flop House faves we’re recording a commentary for!

We’ve put together a bracket, and starting on Monday, and going for four weeks in total, we’ll be running Twitter polls at @theflophousepod to determine which fan-favorite movie will be revisited!

But fear not! Even if you’re NOT a MaxFun member, this episode is a lot of fun, with highlight clips from a bunch of our best episodes, our current thoughts on the bracket matchups, and the three of us in silly high spirits… Although, c’mon, if you’re not a member by now, don’t you think this year’s upcoming drive (dates still under wraps) is the time to change that?

Download the minisode directly HERE.

The Bracket

Thank you to our sponsor, Lumi Labs.