FH Mini 39 – We Talk to a Super Mario Bros. Screenwriter

The Super Mario Bros. live show had a thrilling, good-humored, and completely unexpected special guest in Parker Bennett, one of the film’s (many) writers, who showed up in the chat purely to enjoy the show, but was happy to join us for a few minutes to talk about his experience making the movie.

Time constraints prevented us from talking to him as long as we’d like, so we decided to have him on a minisode, where he could dish about the behind-the-scenes details at greater length.

A NOTE: since we usually release all our podcast episodes on Saturdays, but access to the SMB live show was scheduled to end at midnight this Sunday, we decided to release this mini a little early, AND also extend the live show one more day (till midnight on Monday, 10/4), so that anyone listening who’s curious for more Super Mario Bros. shenanigans could still get a chance to see the show.

Download the minisode directly HERE.

Living the Mario dream.