Episode #347 – Me You Madness, with Hallie Haglund

We’ll level with all of you — we ALSO prefer Hallie Haglund, and are at our happiest when she comes by to join us for some film talk. So we had to pick an extra-special movie to mark the occasion. And hoo boy. That movie? The wife of former Trump treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin and controversial figure in her own right, Louise Linton’s vanity project (as writer, director, producer, and star) Me You Madness. It’s the movie that asks “if I make fun of myself REALLY HARD, then you’re not allowed to make fun of me anymore, right?”

Download the MP3 directly, HERE.

Fun poster. Pity about the movie.

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Wikipedia entry for Me You Madness

Movies recommended in this episode:

Black Widow

Werewolves Within

The Ear

Diamonds of the Night

A Very Curious Girl